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Sansom Staff Profile #1

Sansom, meet the wonderful staff of your community!

This is the start of a new series to introduce to you the great people that help make Sansom the place it is today.


Ingrid Doralice

What do you do at Sansom, Ingrid?

At Sansom, I am the Financial Assistant. I work in the offices at Sansom Place West. I handle the paperwork, receipts, and reconciliations. I work with the Sansom Advisors to help them with the paperword for their events.

How long have you worked here?

3 months!

What is your favorite part about working at Sansom?

I love meeting and working with the Sansom Advisors.  They make my job really fun!

What was your favorite day at Sansom?

Move-in Day! It was so crazy and there were so many people!

So, what do you do when you are not in Sansom?

I am starting school at Temple in the spring to study International Business. I also really like to travel.

Favorite Sansom Memory?

This one time, when I first got here, I thought I had almost jammed the printer and I started to have a panic attack! It was awful. I was afraid people were going to be mad, but then, I realized I didn’t jam it and I calmed down!

Favorite place to go around Sansom?

I like to try all the restaurants and places around Penn, but I still don’t have a favorite yet.

Thanks so much, Ingrid!

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