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Philadelphia in Autumn Part I

Is it time for a new fall wardrobe or some thoughtful purchases to develop your own style while here at Penn? Break out of the Urban Outfitters and Penn sweatpants mold and check out these great affordable Philly secondhand stores:


Today, in The Daily Pennsylvanian’s magazine, the Philadelphia AIDS Thrift (PAT), was featured. Check it out, Sansom, and enhance your fall wardrobe! It is located at 514 Bainbridge Street which is between 5th and 6th Street south of South Street. You can take the El to 5th Street and walk down to reach it. I know I’ll be doing some shopping there soon! Even if you are strapped for cash, the website claims, “Aimless browsing is strongly encouraged!” (http://www.phillyaidsthrift.com/index.html). Read the website for how they donate the money they make.

Fast fact: PAT’s September 2010 contribution to the AIDS Fund brings them to $202,0000.00 in total cash contributions to Philly area AIDS organizations.


This is one of those places where you need to be prepared to elbow dance with the people around you, but it is worth it, if you find something good. The dressing room lines are quick and I regularly purchase dresses here under thirty bucks. It is located between 16th and 17th on Chestnut Street. The fastest way to get there from Sansom is take the Trolly Eastbound from Sansom & 36th and get off at 22nd.


Located right on South Street, this spacious vintage store is your answer if you want somewhere to shop comfortably with a friend or two. I don’t usually have as much luck here, but I do think its section of sequin jackets and decades-old dresses could become very handy for Halloween Season (yes, in my book, Halloween is not just one day, but a season). One cool feature of Retrospect’s website is the ‘Request Line’ link where you can request what you are looking for from the buyers at the store. How democratic! Check it out: http://www.retrospectvintage.com/flash.htm

The Second Mile Center

If you want to stay in West Philly, check out The Second Mile Center on 45th between Spruce and Walnut. This place (or should I say places because it is actually 3 separate stores?) is incredibly cheap and I was pleasantly surprised to find multiple fall pieces there during my first visit this week (and I only spent $11!). Second Mile also has an extensive book collection and magazine rack that is worth checking out. Be prepared: the wares of this thrift store are overflowing onto the pavement for your pecking!


One last favorite of mine is actually in Northeast Philly where I grew up. So, if you ever make it to the Northeast, check out the BeeHive Thrift Store at 7136 Rising Sun Avenue (you’ll probably see my mother there buying more stuff than we have room to keep!). It is best by car, but you can also get there by taking the El to the Frankford Terminal and then transfer to the 24 bus.

Please share your favorite Philly secondhand stores and let us all get ready for Autumn together!

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