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Resident Spotlight Time! Meet Spenser Stubbs!

Hello, Spenser!


Place of Origin and where you live now (West or East Sansom):
Sansom West – 9th Floor

What are you studying?
I am studying Nursing (woot woot!) in hopes of being a Nurse Anesthetist or Geriatric Nurse Practitioner in the future :).

What were you doing before you arrived at Penn?
My family is from Jamaica so normally I would get the chance to take a summer trip there but this summer was my first summer here at Penn so I stayed and did Cancer research through a program offered through CURF. I loved every minute of it!

What is your favorite part about living at Sansom?
Air conditioning!! Sike, I’m joking but I do like the renovations that they did over the summer – the rooms look sooo nice.

What was your favorite day at Sansom?
The BBQ!! I loved the food that our awesome Sansom workers whipped up :).

So, what do you do when you are not in Sansom?
In class….:(. BUT, I do like to go down to center city with my friends a lot and just explore every now and then. One thing about me is that I absolutely LOVE food so getting the chance to go downtown and find new things to eat is always a great day for me.

Favorite Sansom Memory?
BBQ (it’s food of course!)

For curiosity, what is your favorite movie, musical group, and book?
Favorite Movie: I don’t have one!! I knowww whoever is reading this is probably saying to themselves, “what is wrong with this kid??” but, it’s true, I really don’t have a favorite movie :P.

Favorite Musical Group: I listen to absolutely anything but I would say that anything by Lady Gaga (she counts as a “musical group” right? lol) is my fav!!

Favorite Book: Born in Bondage by Schwartz. I read it for a history class that I took and absolutely fell in love; it’s definitely a good read if you have time to read it.

Favorite place to go around Sansom?
The front desk!! I am an Information Specialist and I love meeting new people and making conversation over signing people in and handing them their lock-out keys :P.

Anything else?
I am a Gaga loving, 6’4” teddy bear that will try any kind of food and who is always up for a good time! this is me in a nutshell :D.


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