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Upcoming November Events at Sansom!

Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2010: Community Service Opportunities at Penn
Michael Murray Lounge, 7 – 8 PM
Representatives from Penn’s Civic House — Sam Ribnick and Katie McCabe — will talk to residents about the various opportunities to get involved with our local community. This will be an informative and interactive session for those who are interested in civic engagement and want to meet others who also want to make a difference!
Cost: FREE. Light refreshments will be served. Questions? Ask Sarah <rsarah@sas.upenn.edu> or Adriana <adric@law.upenn.edu>

Continuing Series every Sunday: Salsa!
Benjamin Lounge, 5:30 – 6:30 PM, Oct. 17 through Nov. 21
Those who have already paid for Garincha Hilaire’s Salsa class —- don’t forget to be in Benjamin Lounge Sunday nights at 5:30 PM till Nov. 21st. Those who are still….thinking….about…it……It’s not too late! Remember, all skill levels are welcome. You can still RSVP to Mahmud <mhussain@sas.upenn.edu> and pay up! 

Continuing Series every Tuesday: Baron-Baptiste Power-Vinyasa Yoga
Benjamin Lounge, 7 – 8:30 PM, Sep. 14 through Dec. 7
A 90-minute class led by Lt. John Wylie. Designed to strengthen, lengthen and relax. A strong workout! You can purchase a yoga mat at the class for only $10. Cost: $7 per class. Questions? Ask Alison <aweltner@vet.upenn.edu>

Continuing Series every Thursday:  Massages
Benjamin Lounge; 8 – 10 PM
Massages are relaxing and beneficial! Massages at Sansom are also convenient and affordable! A licensed, professional massage therapist [Marie Gee from Mobile Massage Team] will offer a massage service every week! COST: ONLY $1 per minute! Appointments must be made online [click here] and there is a 5-minute minimum. 60-minute massages will get a 10% discount. Tips are not included in the $1/minute rate and are highly encouraged. Please bring your Penncard to the appointment, and payments must be made in advance of the massage. Questions? Ask Bryce <bryce@seas.upenn.edu>

Tentative resident-initiated event:
Biking Tour
Schuylkill River trail; details forthcoming
Explore Philly on a bike! Ritwik Pandav, a resident in SPE, wants to organize a leisurely bicycling tour along one of the Schuylkill River trails. Many of you have already responded; thanks for your enthusiasm! We only have 20 spots so email Ritwik to reserve yours now!!! <
rpandav@seas.upenn.edu> Or you can write to Sansom Advisor Mahmud at <mhussain@sas.upenn.edu>

Sunday, Nov. 21, 2010: Thanksgiving Dinner
Details forthcoming
Join Sansom Advisors and fellow-residents to celebrate the secular American festival of Thanksgiving! Learn about the history and cultural significance of the holiday, and sample some traditional fare! Questions? Ask Adriana <adric@law.upenn.edu> OR Alison <aweltner@vet.upenn.edu> OR Amanda <youngam@sas.upenn.edu> OR Emily <ejbarr@nursing.upenn.edu>

Other useful resources Sansom Advisors can tell you about:

Need Mentoring or Tutoring help? Want to be a mentor or tutor? Ask Tiffany <tiffli@design.upenn.edu>

Interested in community work? Want to meet others who also want to make a difference? Ask Sarah <rsarah@sas.upenn.edu>

Would like to know more about the Grad Center or GAPSA? Ask Adriana <adric@law.upenn.edu>

Want to know about UA (Undergraduate Assembly)  Ask Amanda <youngam@sas.upenn.edu>

RAB (Residential Advisory Board) initiatives? Ask Sansom’s RAB Representative Diane Huang <dhuang@sas.upenn.edu>

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