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Sansom Advisor Selection Winter Information

Hello Sansom,

Are you interested in becoming a Sansom Advisor next year? As a Sansom Advisor, you will have the opportunity to Grow professionally and make great friends as an SA! If so, you are encouraged to attend one of our information sessions when you get back from winter break. The next information session is January 13th at 7PM in the Benjamin Lounge at SPW. There more information session are being held: January 14th at noon in the Michael Murray Lounge in SPE, January 16th at 8PM in the Benjamin Lounge, and January 19th at 8:30PM in the Michael Murray Lounge. For more information and links to the online application, check out the website: http://gpsp.business-services.upenn.edu/. To stay up-to-date on all Sansom events and announcements, join the Facebook group (Sansom Community), follow us on Twitter (Sansom Community), and read the blog (http://sansomcommunityservicesblog.wordpress.com/). If you have any questions about the Sansom Advisor selection process, email your graduate assistant, Samantha Neugebauer, at Sneug@gse.upenn.edu. Have a great holiday!

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