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Welcome Back!!!!

Welcome back to Sansom!

Here is what you can look forward to this semester:

1: ORIENTATION in Sansom
Monday, Jan. 10: Sansom & Campus Tour!
(Meet in the SPE Lobby at 11:45 AM), 12 – 1 PM
Join Sansom Advisor Bryce Stewart on a tour of Sansom Place East & West. Learn about free laundry, our lounges and other useful resources within your residence! Then walk through campus to see other places and resources that are important to student life at Penn. End the tour with a discounted snacks at COSI. Meet other new residents and ask SA Bryce questions about life in Sansom and at Penn!
Questions? Ask Bryce <bryce@seas.upenn.edu> (RSVP preferred — it helps us plan the food!)

Tuesday, Jan. 11: Resource Fair!
Michael Murray Lounge, SPE basement, 4:30 – 6:30 PM
Are you a CURRENT STUDENT who needs information but doesn’t know where to get it?! Come get it all in one place! Questions about Health Insurance? Safety concerns? Info on Penn’s fifteen libraries? The indoor pool at the gym? Learning resources and workshops? Discounted sessions at Penn’s Ice rink? Vibrant and diverse intercultural spaces? COME TO THE RESOURCE FAIR to learn about all that Penn offers! Meet staff from DIFFERENT PENN DEPARTMENTS! Get your QUESTIONS ANSWERED! Light refreshments will be served. Cost: FREE Questions? Ask Emily <ejbarr@nursing.upenn.edu> OR Tiffany <tiffli@design.upenn.edu> (RSVP preferred — it helps us plan the refreshments!)

Saturday, Jan. 22: Shopping Trip to Philadelphia Premium Outlet Mall
Meet in SPE Lobby at 9:45 AM; Trip is from 10 AM – 4 PM
This is a great place to shop! A huge variety of the best brands at fantastic prices! It is not easily accessible without a car of your own. Sansom has chartered a bus to drive you there and back so you can spend the day shopping! Seats cost ONLY $5 per person! New residents will be given preferences but all are welcome to attend. Seats are limited so contact SA Adriana immediately to reserve your spot! <adric@law.upenn.edu>



Starting Sunday, Jan. 23: Sunday Salsa! …First class (Jan. 23) is a FREE TRIAL!!!
Benjamin Lounge, SPW basement, 5:30 – 6:30 PM,  Duration: Jan. 23 to Feb. 27
Back by popular demand!!! Instructor Garincha Hilaire of Take The Lead Dance Studio will be teaching a 6-week course in Salsa Dancing at Sansom Place again this semester. Come out to learn Salsa or to brush up on your dance skills. ALL SKILL LEVELS ARE WELCOME!! COST: $40 per person Please RSVP as soon as you can! 15 participants needed for this weekly program to take place!! NO DROP INS…RESERVATION REQUIRED! Questions and RSVP: Contact SA Bryce <bryce@seas.upenn.edu>

Starting Tuesday, January 25: Baron-Baptiste Power-Vinyasa Yoga …First class (Jan. 25) is a FREE TRIAL!!!
Benjamin Lounge, SPW basement, 7 – 8:30 PM, Duration: entire semester (except Spring Break)
Also back by popular demand!!! A 90-minute class led by Lt. John Wylie. Designed to strengthen, lengthen and relax. A strong workout! No pre-registration required. Just come to Benjamin Lounge at 7 PM with your yoga mat. Or you can purchase a yoga mat at the class for only $10. Cost: $5 per class. Questions? Ask Alison <aweltner@vet.upenn.edu>

Upcoming: Sansom Mentoring Program (SMP)
Have you heard of Big Brothers Big Sisters? Sansom Mentoring Program is a similar program intended to match undergraduate with graduate residents so that you can share information about academic life at Penn. We want to support your school and career goals! Undergraduates can find a graduate Big Brother or Big Sister within their residence hall! Graduate students, please share your wisdom and experiences of life at Sansom/Penn/Philadelphia with an undergraduate Little Brother or Little Sister! Questions? Write to Sansom Advisor Tiffany Li <tiffli@design.upenn.edu>

Do you want professional Massage Therapy at Sansom this semester, too?
As you know, last semester, we offered massages by a licensed, professional therapist [Marie Gee from Mobile Massage Team] at a fantastic discount. Massages cost only $1 per minute. Would you like us to invite her to return? Please email your Sansom Advisors if you are interested!

Sunday, Feb. 6: SUPERBOWL Party!
Details to be announced soon!
Like American football? Or… know nothing, don’t get it…but are interested? Come watch the NFL’s biggest, most important annual event! Come to the Sansom Superbowl Party! 

Sunday, Feb. 13: Pre-Valentine’s Day celebration!
Details to be announced soon!
Made plans for Pre-Valentine’s Day, yet? No? We thought so! You may want to join the Sansom team as they celebrate in style!

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