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Sansom Place West Renovations Spotlight!

Have you gotten a chance to check out the lobby of Sansom Place West? Now, I wasn’t here last year, but from what I have heard, this is an amazing improvement. The lobby of Sansom West is open for all Sansom Residents to eat, work, study, or socialize. There is plenty of room to sit and read or eat or watch the nice flatscreen television. Another nice feature is the fact that the lobby is always stocked with the latest issues of campus newspapers and other reading material, so you can pick something up and plop down.

Sansom Place West Lobby

Sansom West Residents Melissa Zhang and Emma Zhou eating lunch in the new lobby. This is their first year living in Sansom Place and they both said they like the atmosphere of West’s lobby.

So, Sansom East, you may be closer to the Wawa and you may have some better views of Downtown, but how many of these comfy chairs do you have? 😉