New and Current SCS Staff Mingle!

Sansom, your Sansom Advisor and Sansom Coordinator team are students just like you, but they are also the leaders of our community here. Last week, the current and incoming staff had the opportunity to meet one another, share insights, and learn about each other. It was the first time we were all in a room together. Returners and newcomers are really excited about the work they will be doing next year and those that are leaving us had nothing but positive things to say about the SCS community!

Our staff is so lovely!

Returners Alison and Lotus talk with incoming staff member, Katie!

Discussing Sansom?

A successful evening for all.

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1. Events in Sansom:

Thursday, Apr. 14: Eco-Reps Movie Night: Wall-E
Location: Michael Murray Lounge, SPE basement
Time: 7 – 9:30 PM
Sansom’s Eco Reps will be showing Wall-E and distributing more free recycling bins! Enjoy free pizza and drinks over one of Pixar’s most moving environment-oriented masterpieces! Learn about recycling in Sansom Place, meet your Eco-Reps, and get ready for a sustainable Spring Fling! Cost: FREE! Questions? Email Vincent Park <> or Francis Miller <>

RELATED: APPLY TO BE AN ECO-REP! CURRENTLY ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS! Eco-Reps is an environmental leadership program on campus open to Penn students in the college houses, Greek chapters, Hillel, and Sansom. Deadline to apply: Sunday, April 24. Accepted students collaborate with Penn sustainability staff to develop educational activities focusing on environmental issues and sustainable behavior. This is a great way to get involved and meet other students, staff, and faculty throughout the University working to make Penn a greener campus. More details online [click here] or email Julian Goresko <>

Tuesdays: Baron-Baptiste Power-Vinyasa Yoga      
Benjamin Lounge, SPW basement, 7 – 8:30 PM, Duration: entire semester (except Spring Break)
No pre-registration required. Just stop by with a yoga mat and five bucks. If you don’t have a yoga mat, you can buy one for $10 at the class. A 90-minute class led by Lt. John Wylie. Designed to strengthen, lengthen and relax. A strong workout! Cost: $5 per class. CASH only. Questions? Ask Alison <>

Saturday, Apr. 23: Sansom’s First Annual Easter Egg Hunt!       
Location: Sansom Place West Lobby,
Time: 4 – 6 PM
Join other Sansom residents and Sansom Advisors Emily and Maurie to participate in Sansom’s first annual Easter Egg Hunt!!! Search for Easter candy! Sample traditional Easter treats! Questions? Ask Emily <> OR Maurie <>


2. Events at Penn:

Friday, Apr. 15: National Day of Silence
Location: Steps of College Hall
Time: 5 PM
Join members of the LGBTQ community in letting your voice be heard in a symbolic manner. Everyone is invited to gather at the College Hall steps to release a balloon on which personal messages will be written. This is a great event for everyone, including all allies and supporters, because it shows how welcoming and supportive the Penn community is! Millions suffer in silence every day and this is a way to show them that they are not alone, that they belong, and they are loved! You are welcome to contribute a message for this event! For more information, please check:

Wednesday, Apr. 13: What Would You Do?!
Location: Terrace Room, Cohen Hall
Time: 4:30 PM
ABC’s hidden-camera, ethical dilemma series ‘What Would You Do?’ puts ordinary people on the spot. Some of their most compelling episodes have looked at how people publicly respond to sexual assault, domestic violence, and sexual harassment. Join us in a discussion about the importance of and the biases against bystander intervention. Dr. Raquel Bergen, St. Joseph’s University’s professor and expert respondent for ABC’s ‘What Would You Do?’ will lead us through this session.



3. Events in Philly:

Saturday, Apr. 16: South Philly Tree-planting!
The Lower Moyamensing Civic Association is organizing a neighborhood tree-planting from 9 AM – 12 PM! No previous experience necessary! New volunteers will be paired with experienced tree tenders! For more information or to RSVP, please email Steve <>

Anytime: Naturalization Ceremonies for New Immigrants
Help newly-naturalized citizens register to vote! The Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition participates in naturalization ceremonies of new immigrants and assists them in their voter registration application. This is an opportunity to see immigrants complete the process to become citizens and exercise their right to vote! If you are interested in helping out, please contact Rebecca at 215-832-0895 OR <>

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Sansom Ambassador Message!

A message from your Sansom Ambassador Board!

“We have very exciting news to share with you this week. First and foremost, we have the Sansom Ambassdor Board Elections for 2011-2012 coming up this Sunday at 11:30AM to 1:00PM, on the first floor lobby of Sansom Place West. There are four extraordinary candidates running for various positions.

1) Deepti: running for vice president
2) Eugenia: running as a board member
3) William: running for president
4) Justin: running for president, vice president, public relations

You may have already noticed fliers for some of our candidates on the bulletin boards. If you haven’t, the fliers are attached to this e-mail. Please come and support your favorite candidate this Sunday! Pizza, salad, and drinks will be provided.”

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Make sure to check out the April Newsletter!

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Sansom GA Updates!

Hello, Sansom! Your GAs will be talking about you today in our Professional Development class. We will be giving a presentation on the in’s and out’s of working at Sansom and discussing all the great experiences we have in the community. Here is a sneak preview of our slideshow:

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Penn Women’s Center Mentor

Apply to be a Penn Women’s Center Mentor!

Submit a completed  application to Ivone Falk, by Friday, April 8. Click here to download an application.

Interested in pursuing service involvement on campus?  Seeking to further develop your relationship building and leadership skills?  Would you like to help an incoming student transition into life at Penn?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider applying to be a mentor in the Penn Women’s Mentorship Project, hosted by the Penn Women’s Center!  In this year-long program, an upper class-woman is paired with either a first-year, international, or transfer undergraduate woman.  As a mentor, you will be expected to attend a few mentor/mentee events each semester with your mentee and to keep regular, individual contact (at least once a month is recommended) with your mentee. 

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Rain Rain Rain

Philadelphia seems to like rain this year!

We have exchanged our snow boots for rain boots this past month. While it is so wet outside, you can take advantage of all the fun activities in your Sansom community hosted by the Sansom Ambassadors. For instance, there is a great event this Friday, which just might include Leonardo DiCaprio. Stay warm and get to know your fellow residents!

Matinee Magic Presents Leo DiCaprio Night!
YOU pick the movie, WE screen it!
Send your votes to

Movie Titles up for Vote:
a. Shutter Island:
b. Catch Me If You Can:
c. The Departed:
d. The Basketball Diaries:

Time: Friday March 25, 2011, 7 PM
Place: Michael Murray Lounge