Sansom Staff


The administrative staff is comprised of individuals who work hard to make Sansom Place a fun and studious environment. These dedicated staff members often work “behind the scenes” but once you get to know them, you will recognize their impact on so many aspects of the living and working atmosphere in the towers. 
Most of the Sansom Place administrative staff can be found in the Sansom Community Services office in Sansom Place West, Room 105 (in the hall behind the information center desk). The office is responsible for supervising the Sansom Advisor staff, setting and enforcing policies and procedures, addressing resident concerns, and programming in Sansom Place.

You may contact the office by phone 215-898-6871, by fax 215-573-7552 or visit between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm on weekdays. The director or another capable staff member will be happy to assist you. Visit if you have questions about the Sansom Advisor responsibilities, the computer lab, the campus in general, experience problems the Sansom Advisors could not help you with, or have suggestions about a service or program you would like to see offered.

Michelle, or call the office at 898-6871.


Hello, my name is Michelle D. Ray. I am the Director of Sansom Community Services (SCS) a unit of the Department of Housing Services (HS) within the Division of Business Services (BSD).My responsibilities include the supervision of services provided by the live-in Residential staff and operations of the Computer Reslab in Sansom Place East. In this role, I work closely with a multitude of offices and individuals that collectively make up our operations, work diligently to deliver services that support residents and strive to improve our Sansom Place community. I love my role as liaison and advocate for Sansom Place Residents.I have worked at Penn for twelve plus years. I am Philadelphia born and raised. I must confess that, I love my hometown, “…the place that loves you back.” I have a Bachelor of Arts in Economics: Finance Concentration from the University of Pittsburgh and a Masters of Arts in Higher Education Administration from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a Certification in Fundraising from the University of Pennsylvania. While I am often very busy here in Sansom Place, our place, I do have an array of hobbies and interests. Listed below are a few of the notable organizations with which I am affiliated:

  • Immediate Past President of the Women Against Abuse Board of Directors
  • Member of the Johnson House Historic Site, Underground Railroad Museum Board of Directors
  • Member of the National Association of University Women, Philadelphia Chapter
  • Chair Elect of The Association of Black Women in Higher Education, Philadelphia Chapter
  • Member of the National Association of Black Social Workers
  • Member of Women of Color at Penn and 2005 Outstanding Faculty/Staff Awardee
  • Member of Phi Delta Kappa, Sorority, Inc.
  • Certified Instructor for Crime Prevention and Domestic Violence Workshops
  • Certified Instructor of RAD Women’s Self Defense Basic, Advanced, and Aerosol courses
  • Certified Instructor of radKIDS Safety Empowerment course
  • Certified Instructor of National Institute of Self Defense S.A.F.E. Workshop

I love to connect with people with similar interests and have been affectionately titled the “Belle of Organization” due to my desire to work collaboratively with people to develop ideas and projects in my interest areas.

I look forward to connecting with you and hope that we can work together to enhance Sansom Place and student interest at Penn. If you have suggestions ideas or concerns, share some of my interests, would like some advice about or support for organizing activities or just need a friendly ear to listen to you, please contact the Sansom Community Services Office to connect. I would love to get to know you better.

Office Assistant:

Ingrid Doralice

Information Center Specialists:

Sansom Place East – Natisha Fauntleroy
Sansom Place West – Kim West

Sansom Support Managers:

Adam Potoczek, Server Manager

Adam Potoczek is an independent software developer and consultant who studied computer science and engineering at Penn. He currently provides IT support and develops software for Housing & Conference Services and the Graduate & Professional Student Assembly at Penn. As server administrator for Sansom Community Services, Adam maintains the hardware and software framework necessary to run our SCS web site. You can find out more about Adam’s work by seeing his portfolio at or where you’ll also find his contact info.

Donna M. Mancusi, L’01, Webpage Manager

Donna Mancusi was a resident of Sansom Place throughout her tenure at the University of Pennsylvania Law School from August 1998 to May 2001. Donna was actively involved in campus life, serving as Prospective Student Coordinator and national admissions recruiter for the law school, research assistant for two Penn Law faculty members and computer lab attendant at Sansom Place. She was also selected to be the featured poet on the poetry wall currently located on the ground floor of Sansom East. After receiving her law degree from Penn, Donna moved to California and founded a law school admissions consulting firm. She loves keeping in touch by designing and maintaining the web page. Feel free to offer ideas and suggestions about this site! Questions? Email Donna.

Caricatures provided by Olympia at, 215-487-0928.

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