Sansom Coordinators

The Sansom Coordinators work diligently to oversee the operations of Sansom Place. These Sansom coodinators work behind the scenes to supervise the Sansom Advisors, managers, and run the building centers.

Tenia Davis, Sansom Community Coordinator, Contact Information

Tenia Davis is a second-year dual degree student at Penn. She is pursuing a Master of Social Work Degree at the Penn School of Social Policy & Practice, and a Master of Bioethics Degree at the Penn School of Medicine. Born and raised in California, she enjoys both the beach and the snow.

Tenia loves reading, shopping, and spending time with her husband and siblings.

Ivone Falk, Sansom Resident Coordinator, Contact Information

Ivone Falk is a second-year student in the Master of Social Work at the School of Social Policy and Practice. Ivone was born and raised in California. She is currently working at the Penn Women’s Center. She wants to devote her life to helping and advocating for the rights of sexual assault and domestic violence victims.

Ivone also enjoys traveling, laughing, dancing, and cooking.

Rong Hai, Sansom Community Coordinator, Contact Information

Rong Hai is a fourth-year Ph.D. student in the Economics Department at the School of Art and Science. She came to Philadelphia in 2007 and Sansom has been her home away from home since then. She enjoys traveling, shopping, cooking, watching movies, and great company of family and friends.

Amruta Inamdar, Sansom Coordinator

Bio Coming Soon!

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