Presenting Your New Sansom Ambassador Executive Board:
President: Ritwik Pandav
Vice President: Spencer Barrinton Stubbs
Public Relations: Anthony Zarate
Resident Representatives: Hyunsueng Kang and William Staffled

Congratulations to our new executive board members and thank you for to everyone who came out to vote!

The first ever Sansom Community Services Resident Council Election will take place Sunday, October 17th!!

Sansom Ambassador Board Elections

Sansom Community Services invites residents of Sansom to nominate and elect Sansom Ambassador Board. The board will comprise of 5 members. The board will represent Sansom Residents throughout University of Pennsylvania and help Sansom Community Services foster a strong community within Sansom Place.

Election Process:

The timeline for the election is as follows:

Nomination Period Begins: September 20th

Nomination Period End: September 30th

Approval of Candidates: October 2nd

Campaign Period: October 3rd

Campaign End: October 15th

Election Night: October 17th

The nomination application should be emailed to Maurie Smith ( and should contain the following items:

Signatures by 10 residents supporting the nomination (include supporters’ email and room number).

An election manifesto (Maximum 200 words).

One page resume.

Sansom Community Services will contact candidates that will be included in the ballot by 2nd October. They will be given further details about the campaigning process.

Results of elections will be declared by Sansomwide Communiqué on October 20th. The board will meet and choose the following officials from itself.

Structure and Description of Sansom Ambassador Board:

President: The President will preside over meetings and be responsible for the execution of all organization functions in coordination with the Sansom Ambassador Manager. Meetings of the Residents Council will be held on a regular basis as determined by the President. The President is responsible for communicating ideas or any important issues with the Sansom Ambassador Manager during their bi-weekly meeting.

Vice President: If the President is unable to attend any meetings, the VP will be responsible for coordinating them. Additionally, she will be responsible for the list-serve and sending out important e-mails to board members. In addition, the VP will act as the “Recruitment Chair” who will promote Sansom Community and actively try to recruit members to the program.

Public Relations Representative: The Public-Relations Representative will promote activities and events sponsored by Sansom Ambassadors to the Sansom Community Residents. She will contribute to Sansom Communiqués and help create fliers for Sansom Ambassador events. She will also investigate outside funding sources for Ambassador programming.

Resident Representative 1 and Resident Representative 2: Resident representative will present resident issues to the meetings of Sansom Ambassadors. She will also co-chair the mission of recruitment of new ambassadors along with the VP.

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